Wednesday, November 25, 2015

As most of you must have noticed,I am not an avid blogger. It doesn't help that I have tried blogging  for a nearly a week and the internet is too slow. So here is my final attempt to blog about our 10 day dentist clinic experiance.I wrote one blog and lost it so now I wont be writing much...I will show you pictures and leave the rest to your vivid imaginations.😊

Mr.Ewald...ready to start a new day. We usually started at 8:30 am and finished anywhere from 7 to 10:30pm.

Brandon and Aaron assisting need to be quick and precise with the patience to stand still. (Even tho you are in totally uncomfortable position. :-)  
 Ewald,filling a tooth. The finished product,a work of art.
 Is that a look of triumph in Han's eyes??

 All from from one patient?? Yep....major teeth extractions going on. I always have to smile when those patients sit up after it's all over.First thing is to stuff their ears with cotton balls to ensure health and protection from who-knows-what.Next is too hug the dentist....something most dentists rarely get.:-)

 If you notice the angle of the tooth in the upper left xray. ...yah, our hearts sank when the picture apeared on the screen. It was successfully  extracted after hard work on Ewald's part and prayers by the team.
 Notice that light shining out of her eyes???Her dentist might be German, but smiles and eyes alight are international  languages.😆

Needless to  say after ten long stretching days and short nights we were all tired and worn out. But happy.. 
A heartfelt Thankyou extended to all who donated towards making this possible. The xray machine was a dream come true....saved us from alot of 'tèt chajé'. Thankyou.
Sometimes it can feel as if we can bless such a small portion of aching humanity. The  world is throbbing with pain. the center of God's will is  perfect peace. He guides our hands and hearts. May His glory spread over all the earth.
Mis Mali

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