Friday, October 21, 2016


Clinic is back in progress after Hurricane Matthew passed through over two weeks ago. We still see and hear the affects everyday. As the weeks go by, more and more stories come out. My heart broke as a young girl sat at my desk telling me about her mother and baby sister's death during the hurricane. The mother had been very sick following the birth of her child. I had been following her very closely every 2-4 weeks. The week before the hurricane she had come in and was doing very well. I had told her I don't think she will have to come back many more times. I guess she will never have to come back. 

As I sit and listen to the stories of each one I can't thank God enough for His protection. Yes, people have got hurt. Lives have been lost, this poverty stricken country has had yet another "blow" BUT God is still good! He loves each one and longs to have the hearts of each one. He wants to strengthen the Christian and win the lost. My pray is hearts can be broken so He can use each one. 

Monday we bid good bye to the team who came to help clean up. We felt so blessed to be back in our house before they left. Thanks for coming everyone! 

We also bid goodbye to Hans after two years of service. He was or emergency man and did many behind the scene things for us at clinic. We will miss his help and insight. May God bless you as you adjust to a new normal. Thank you Hans! 

            Ellamae with her patients! 

Continue to pray for Haiti and the many needs! Pray God can work a work through us for Him! 

~ Mis Alyssa 

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