Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Button, Button, Who Has the Button

Have you ever played that little game?  

Well, this little boy stuck a button up his nose! He came to the clinic yesterday, and Mis Leda, Tom Hofer, and the boy's mom held him down while I attempted the extraction.  It was a little hard to see as the nostril was red and so was the button, but I managed get a hold of it and pull it out.  We were all relieved!  

Little boy holding the button

One day recently I had a mother come to clinic with 5 of her children.  (One older boy who could explain his own sicknesses went to another nurse.)  The room was quite full!  They were a cute bunch.

Seems we've had a fair amount of malnourished cases come in lately.  This little fellow I think is around a year.  His older sister is pictured below.  She is the one with the abscess in her neck.  

Malnourished child

After bandaging her yesterday Katie gave her a new dress.  She was very pleased with it.  She yells and screams her little heart out while getting bandaged, but when she saw the dress she started saying, " Mwen dako; Mwen dako."  (I'm agreed; I'm agreed.)  They seem to be a rather pour family.  

Most of us don't know what real hunger and poverty are.  

 Below is a little girl who is 13 months old and only weighs 7 kgs (about 15 lbs.)  She hasn't gained, according to her dossier, since she was about 6 months old.  I asked her dad why he waited so long.  He said, well, she was fine, and then she started just laying around.  

It's hard to know what to do.  There is poverty and lack all around us.  How can we help the most?  So many people in need of food, clothes, and medical care--the basic necessities of life.  And so much greater the need for the love of Jesus in their lives.  

"Lord, make us instruments of Your love."  

Jon's brother Tom is here visiting for 2 weeks.  He is a paramedic in Manitoba so since we are short handed this week in the clinic he's been helping with vitals and in the pharmacy.  We are grateful for his help.  

After helping us for 4 months at the clinic, Megan when back to the States on Tues.  
Megan, thanks SO much for all your hard work.  We miss you!  

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