Monday, January 5, 2015


 We are basking in the joy of vacation. Of sitting around the table clasping our coffee mugs after breakfast, discussing life and its mysteries. There is no rush to go to work!!
  Out come the scrub brushes, paintbrushes, brooms, mops, rags etc. The spiders flee for refuge against our energetic tearing thru their webbed homes. I am sure the tiles cringed at our scrubbing. The windows are now frames for the Haitian countryside instead of a piece of glass smeared with greasy handprints. The clinic has a fresh, hopeful look. Ready to face 2015!! Three cheers for a new year!!
                                              Marcile scrubbing away with her steady strength that we all love.
                                               Whit looks slightly unimpressed peeking from behind the 02 tanks.
     Manet, our boy that had a  burst umbilicus, nice and plump. Happy to help his 'Mama'(Whit) with the work.
                 While I was on call a young guy came in with a dislocated and fractured knee. I cringed to think of the pain that he was in... he had to bounce the whole way to TG. I held his hat over his face in hopes of at least shielding his face from the blazing, tropic sun. He did amazingly well and Hans drove carefully over the crazy trail. The trail was awful, packed with motto drivers flying up in the rat race of money. It was Dec.31 st and family from all over flock to celebrate and bring the new year in. The dust lay thick on everything by the time we reached town. We got him on an ambulance and sent him to P.A.P General Hospital.
I have nothing amazing to tell you all...finally  the time to catch up with all the 100+ misc. we had to do . We have one more day before we launch in to another year of work.
I loved this little devotional I found on January 1st.
"We are entering upon a new year-surely we cannot but believe, a new age. If we have rightly learned from the past, there lies before us a heritage of unspeakable blessing., which none of these vivid metaphors can too strongly describe ;infinite sources of blessing for the fountains and water brooks are but the figures of God's illimitable grace. Let us claim the inheritance in these coming days, and find the hardest places of lifes experience God's greatest opportunities and faith's mightiest challenge."-A.B. Simpson
Wishing you all a wonderful new year
-Mis Mali

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