Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cholera update...

Hey everyone, just a quick update from the front line. We had 13 people in the hospital overnight, which sets a new record here. Included in that number are 3 or 4 young children- 2 to 4 years old. I think I counted 7 IV's running. So far everyone that has been released from the CTC has walked off in good health, so praise God for allowing us the opportunity to serve and help bring his healing in this troubled time!!!

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The staff here are doing a great job, really throwing themselves into the work!! We're divided into three eight hour shifts; 2 girls and one guy on each shift. It seems to keep everyone plenty busy keeping up with IV's, emptying waste pails, monitoring the amount of fluids lost and making sure they are replaced with ORS solution, and cleaning and sanitizing everything in sight... :)

Keep an eye on the blog, we'll try to throw on some pics of the teams "in action"!!!!

God bless, keep praying....


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