Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Faces

 As I was greeted by this girl's bright smile this morning, I resolved to share some happy faces with you all too!  

She is the one that had a really bad infection in her foot, who we sent down to T-Goave for further treatment.  If you've been following the blog, you would have seen her again a few weeks ago when she came back for bandaging.  Her foot is continuing to heal well, minus one toe which was amputated due to the infection.  As shown in this picture, she is now walking on her foot again.  

Her bright smile is special to see as she sits among the people waiting to be seen.  

This was taken this morning after she was re-bandaged and ready to head home.  

This is another familiar face, Arlene (or maybe better known as "foot lady").  She still comes in a few days a week for bandaging.  We are just waiting for the last little open spot to close up.  After her coming for over a year, I'm sure we'll miss her once she doesn't come see us every couple of days!

Then there was the little smiley boy and his mom.  He just needed a quick check in his ears while his mother is a returning hypertension patient.  We are monitoring the hypertension closely as she is also pregnant.  She comes from quite a distance, but still manages a bright smile!

Here is the man Rhoda blogged about last week--her first stitch job.  His wounds are healing nicely.  Today he seemed quite proud of the little booklet he got too--Torch of Truth put out by CAM.  

As I was busily seeing patients this morning, these happy faces blessed me.  Many times at clinic we see the sick people, smelly wounds, and bloody cuts, but there is a brighter side too!  

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