Thursday, September 13, 2012

This and That

Here are the girls from the Ontario team dividing out liquid medication for the clinic.  

They did a great job at helping Shana around the house and compound and filling in other behind the scene things too! 

This is just a quick shot from the clinic one of the many little malnourished children we see.  He's too old to be on the milk program (Nourishing the Needy), but needs some supplements for a few months or so in an attempt to get him back to better health.  

In this case the bicycle ride didn't end up so well.  
He cut his tongue and scraped up his face too.  

Anyone remember our baby from a while back that we took to Leogane on oxygen?  She was in very serious condition.  I never heard for sure whether or not she made it, but yesterday her mother brought her in to the clinic.  I was so glad to see her doing well.  She did have a cold again, but is doing, oh, so much better!  That's always so encouraging to see.

Arlene, "the Foot lady"
We're only bandaging it now 2 or 3 times a week.  Maybe by a year she'll be ready to end her frequent visits for her foot injury.  She started coming Oct or Nov of last year.  

Update from Marla

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