Saturday, September 3, 2011

Zaboka, Anyone???

"Zaboka" is the Creole word for avocado, and this young man was way up in a tree picking this delicious fruit when he lost his footing and took the shortest path down! He ended up with this rather nasty memento of the event on his face; it was such a deep split, one could easily see all around his jawbone. Very interesting, but it sure looked ouchy!!!

In the cleaning- up process...


Poor little guy, he was pretty scared. But other than this wound, he was
in pretty good shape- considering...!

The longest process in a stitch job, is generally all the cleaning and
preparation... Here Anita is giving Lidocaine...

Oops, another piece of dirt or gravel in there!!!

Jared helping to hold the little guy down as Anita gets started...

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