Monday, July 28, 2014

How Is Your Monday Smile?

     It is Monday. Never start a day without prayer. Especially a Monday. When you run into men like this.
     It is hard to know what to write about today. Look for yourself. We had the skin issues. Babies to treat, bathe, and follow for the next couple weeks. A lady came who wanted us to visit her friend about an hour from here, who had a serious sugar/blood pressure issue and was swelling up. " We will save that for this afternoon," we told her.
 The neighbor girl came in again. She has had diarrhea for a month, and it seems meds don't want to make any difference. We can't get an IV to go in her little veins, without collapsing them. Shall we send her out for blood tests soon? What's up in her little body?
     Here is Whit, trying to clean up a toe that a man was begging us to cut off. We begged him for a week to work on him, and maybe then, at that distant day, we will consider it!
    Our week-end was filled up with baby births and a trip to Mirabelais hospital again. This trip was on a Sunday, and we were meeting up with some heart specialists, who checked out a few potential problem patients for us. We thanked the Lord for some wonderfully helpful doctors, and a safe trip home.  Here are the heart specialists, posing for us all...
    We are really hoping to make more contacts with the Mirabelais doctors for our many other long-term cases, but we haven't been having much success recently. The appointments keep falling through, which is DISAPPOINTING for these people who have no other hope or help for some of their illnesses. Please pray for us, that we could show the love of Jesus as even more important than health care in a country where doctors never quite reach around to all the people who need them.
  Here is Mali, happy to be in Mirabelais, the beautiful hospital, where help seems possible and doctors know what they are talking about! The ladies on both sides of her have babies with health issues. The one baby has a heart with switched valves, which gives the Aorta a weird twist, but works fine in the end, and the other has cerebral palsy.

    Have a fine week, everyone, now that Monday is almost behind us! -Mis Woda

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