Friday, March 30, 2012


What went through your mind when you read the title of this post?

Probably the same thing that went through my mind yesterday when I heard that word come across the radio... Someone had come into the clinic with symptoms of the dreaded sickness, and they were evaluating the patient.

Later on I went out to make a phone call on the depot roof; as I came through the gate, there was the spray bottle of bleach water... and below the depot roof I could see them preparing one of the white tents for cholera containment. After my phone call, I went in and checked on the lady in the tent; she sure looked like she had cholera. After that, Anita did confirm that the lady had been infected...

So, please pray that this is simply an isolated case, not the beginning of another epidemic! We have been hoping that the rainy season wouldn't cause another outbreak, but only time will tell... By this morning, the lady is doing very well, and will probably be released by this evening.

If it does turn into an epidemic again, we determined that we wouldn't be able to start up another CTC here in Aleg; since the new clinic isn't done yet, and we're using the former CTC building (the depot) as the current clinic, we don't have the facilities to care for people... we will have to take them up to Basis to be treated. Of course, if a serious case comes in, we will treat them here until they're well enough to be transferred to Basis; but we won't be able to treat the same amount as we were before.

Again, please pray for us as we continue to wait and trust God for the best... May His will be done.

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