Friday, August 16, 2013

Reaching hands, pleading eyes, needy little hearts...

... distended  tummies, brittle hair, skin lesions and infections, flaccid extremities...all the tell tale signs and symptoms of Protein/Energy Malnutrition. Sadly, these have been all too common at the clinic the last few months as I try to divide up our limited amount of protein powder to the worst cases. My heart aches as I hold weak little bodies in my arms, listen to their tiny cries, and look into the saddest little faces.

 But how they LOVE our Herbalife protein powder! When I can't get them to smile I run for a box and, almost without fail, those desperately sad expressions turn into beautiful smiles. Tiny arms reach desperately for a bag almost as if their life depends on it. Sadly, often it DOES depend on it. That, and a responsible caretaker.

  I breathed a prayer for patience this week as an irresponsible father sauntered into the consultation room with his tiny 2 year old. He missed 2 appointments. She lost 2 of the kilos she had gained. Tears ran down her tiny cheeks and dripped off her chin; her cries sounded like a weak, little kitten. I quickly mixed up a bag of protein powder and before I even handed it to her she grabbed for it, literally dumping it into her mouth and gulping it down before reaching up with an empty cup and pleading for more.

 But not all the little faces STAY sad. Not all the little bellies stay engorged. I thank God as I watch weak little limbs gain strength and stamina and as I see a happy light turn on in the eyes that looked so hopeless before. We can't help them all, but with a whole lot of LOVE and a little Herbalife we can help some. And so we keep weighing babies, dosing meds, and praying for more Herbalife protein powder!!

A sweet little fellow with a heart problem.

A terrible skin condition-getting better!
A tiny 1 yr. old.

   I would like to add my thoughts and observations to this post. First of all, Katie really put into good words what we all know and see on a continual daily bases. I have seen the pleading eyes turn into healthy thankful ones. I have seen dying, floppy limbs turn strong. It is quite amazing how Herbalife has helped lift those children out of the deaths grip. Often times we don't know where to turn because we never have enough of it each month, saying we can't help a lot of children. 
   God knows our needs but we wanted to share this tiny peep into those little saddened eyes, and let you know what can help give them hope. Jon

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