Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cute little guy

A lady came into the clinic in labor Monday just as clinic was ending.  Almost all afternoon on Monday we had other after-hour patients in between checking on the lady in labor.  It was a first baby, and things progressed slowly.  Her labor slowed down overnight, but by morning she still hadn't really progressed so we started her on oxytocin.  Things still progressed slowly, and I was getting pretty concerned about baby.  Fetal heart tones dropped some, and then I was really concerned.  By 4:30 pm Tuesday the baby was finally born and was soon breathing.  We were SO grateful once again for God's hand of mercy in a situation that looked pretty bleak.  

Breanna and I with the little guy

L-R  brother of mother, father, baby, and mama

They were so proud of their little boy

cute little man

Update from Marla

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