Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mission trip

We would appreciate your prayers especially over the next several days. Tomorrow afternoon Lord willing, Kate, Whitney, myself, Mis Joceline and several other clinic staff members plan to head for Ti Goave. We'll spend the night, and leave early Friday morning (4-5 AM) for a more remote area several hours southwest of us. The plan is to set up early Friday morning, do mobile clinic there on Friday and Saturday, and hold church services in the evenings and Sunday morning. Then Sunday afternoon we will try to return to Allegre.

Pray that we would be able to reach out to the people of this area- not just medically but with the love and compassion of Jesus. Pray for wisdom for the nurses, and for the pastors that are accompanying us to lead out in the church services. Pray for safe travels, and safety for the remainder of the nurses, for Julien, and for my dear wife and family while we are away. Most of all pray that Jesus Christ would be lifted up by His church everywhere, and that men and women would be drawn to Him!

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