Friday, November 30, 2012

The other side of The Coin

     By now, I fear, some of you will never come to work in or visit at this clinic. Why would you after seeing all the red, smeary, battered legs, arms, and heads that we faithfully post?
     There is the other side. There are the mornings, even in November, when the flowers bloom so bright as you walk to work, that you grab a couple to look at all day.

     There are the moments when you walk in to say hello to the patients in the hospital room, and after seeing their maladies, you get the brightest smiles, and think hopeful thoughts of health and recovery. The first picture here is a man who seems to have suffered a stroke. The other little princess of a girl is the top half of the foot picture you saw on our last blog. She seems to like her little Bible story book pretty well.

The stroke victim

The foot girl--what a cheery smile

     Or you might be taking blood pressures in a noisy, crowded, smelly waiting room; and there is this little cherub of a child, fast asleep. It might be worth soaking the sight up...

The little cherub

     And then, you are just about to walk out the gate and head for some rice and beans. Who is that chubby, healthy baby? Remember her from a blog way back?!

A previous patient looking very healthy now

     She didn't look quite this way a while ago. That's why you need to wait. Look at the other side of the coin. Only God knows what the outcome of a day's worth of looking at wounds and illnesses may turn out to be. Maybe there will be a bonus smile or a chance to speak a word for the Lord. If not, stick on the band-aid anyways and wait. Good things take time! 

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