Friday, March 9, 2012

An afternoon hike

There is a man from church that has been wanting us to give medicine for his wife now for a long time, but she is not able to get around well and thus doesn't get down to the clinic. (They live up the mountain about 35 minutes hike from the mission.) Andrew, his sister Abigail, Alex, and I hiked up there Wed afternoon. It was a pleasant afternoon hike. She was indeed an interesting case. I don't know exactly what she has, but her hands are all gnarled up. It seemed to be some sort of muscle disorder. Even though there wasn't a lot to do for her, they seemed to appreciate the visit, and the view along the way was lovely.

Hiking along
Checking her blood pressure

Head wound

You never know what it will be next. This lady received a nasty head gash.

Here is Mis Leda stitching her up

Mis Joselaine rechecking the wound a day or so later

Update from Marla

This post is written by Marla, almost a month ago and I made a mistake and didn’t get it posted. I’m sorry. Enjoy her words almost a month l...