Monday, September 16, 2013


Whitney entering med's inventory

Rhoda and Whitney spend a good part of each Saturday
in the pharmacy restocking and doing inventory,

Last night I answered a knock at the gate before the others got home form
the orphanage, there were 36 people with him, he was said to have fallen on
the mountain and hurt his eye. Smelling of alcohol it's not that hard to believe.

It's badly swollen on the inside, so gave them a choice to stay here, or we
would pay him has way to Ti Goave to see if there could be more wrong then
we can see at this point. He does see out of that eye but not as good.

The pharmacy workers busy as bees like usual.
This old gentleman we have dubbed "tap tap" he always comes tapping
onto the mission compound, tapping his way across Steve's porch, and then
the regular "tap tap" sound on the door asking for food.  He lives up the
mountain and is almost blind. I don't have a picture of him and his wife but
they are quite the lovely couple. He walks the steep mountain trails quite a bit
each week but sometimes he falls and then ends up at the clinic needing tender
loving care. Miss Katie is in charge of him this round, and he wanted a pain shot
so he asked Shana if she could tell the nurses to give him one. He was so happy.
Here is another of those cases where we don't know which way to turn, because we know
there is help out there for him possibly but they/not we don't have funds to do anything about
it. He has been like this for 2 years now. Coming for check ups regularly but not getting
anywhere closer to finding out what's wrong with it and what if anything can be done with
it. But we decided to send him out to a mission close to the CAM base this coming Friday.
There is a team of eye specialist and surgeons coming and they are willing to do a
consultation for him and see if he can be helped. Once we find out, we will need funds to
pay for the procedure and up keep afterwards.

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