Friday, July 5, 2013

Amlodipine and Avocados

   This is a great time to come to our clinic. And there are reasons. For one, we aren't quite as busy as sometimes. That gives us time to think about how nice it is to have Amlodipine sitting on the shelves in our pharmacy for at least a few more days. I feel like I need to publicly rejoice because so many of my co-workers heard me publicly complain when we didn't have it. So, if you have blood pressure problems, I might dose you up with one of my favorite meds before I send you home. And that is an answer to prayer. It was donated through CAM.
   Since we aren't so busy, I had the chance to help with the check-up of these cute twins you see sitting on their friend's lap. Now, they ARE boys. Don't the pink cap and dress match wonderfully with their gender? Right now they are gaining some weight, but have some sort of rash in their mouths and a flaky skin condition that seems to be healing up. We've been trying to give a few supplements to the mom to keep them from entering the milk program.
     With Megan being gone, I have wondered how we will get all our pills split and divided. I just have to throw in a line of thanks for Tom Hofer and Katie Lapp here. They have driven themselves to near mental distraction patiently helping in the pharmacy on slower days. I don't think I will post a picture of them at that stage.
     On Thursday morning, Katie made a little run down to the clinic for an early morning call. An elderly gentleman was not responding well, and she wanted to investigate a bit. We think maybe we had a stroke going on there. He has been staying in our hospital room ever since on IV.

     Yesterday, the nurses got down on their hands and knees and did some real scrubbing on the waiting room floor, after the patients were finished. Fre Adolph even did a few scrubs to cheer me up.

     This morning our little mal-nutrioned patient showed up again, a week late for his appointment. He is actually looking a lot better, although still swollen. He weighed almost two kilograms less, which is a good sign. We just want to keep him and bathe him and feed him. But, well, how many hands do we have?
    So, yeah, come over some day. Because avocados are in season, and they make some mighty fine eating after a few hours of looking at wounds and meds...And they are actually very healthy for you, for those of you who are nutritionally minded....

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