Friday, March 20, 2015

Every Good Gift from God.  Every night of refreshing sleep, every strengthening meal, every encouraging song or word just when you need it... 

I've been more aware of those kinds of gifts recently.  Like this past Monday when Hans, Mali and Mis Joselaine were all gone, and we had an oversized crowd of patients at clinic. 

Kin was swamped with over 30 blood pressure patients, Mis Leda and Marquis faithfully consulted many new patients, Ellamae got pushed a little farther into several new bandage patients and jobs, and Lydia came down and very helpfully took care of all the vitals.  And then there were so many return patients with special appointments, and close to a dozen pregnant ladies!

I found myself almost literally running from one thing to the next.  Once on a trip to the depot to gather several different items, I walked in and found myself staring blankly at all the boxes, meds, and supplies in front of me.

"What did I come in here for?!?"  As I shuffled slowly past shelf after shelf, each forgotten necessity sprang back into my recoiling memory, and each time I grinned and sighed, "Thank you, Lord!"  

Simple things. Like remembering what you're looking for, finding what you need, (which might even be a certain Creole word), or getting to do a check up for a fat and happy baby that smiles at everything you say... They're all gifts. 

And while I'm talking about gifts, I should mention rain and relationships!   Not rain in relationships...:-o.  Though occasionally we do have our share of that, the reward of learning to work together in unity, communicating through misunderstandings, and being loved past our own faults, is definitely a gift I don't take for granted!  I'm sure thankful for our team!   And yes, we're very grateful for the much needed rain last night, even though we're all tromping around in muddy shoes!  :-)

I don't have many pictures right now, but it hardly seems right to post a blog without any!  So here...this was a machete wound that kept Kin and I home from church last Sunday!   The poor lady was chopping grass for her goat and chopped a little more than she planned...:-(

                  Before and after...

Oh boy, here I am again finishing a blog at 11:59pm!  But I noticed today that we missed blogging Wednesday cause Rho's name was still on schedule, so I thought I'd fill in since I felt in the mood to write.  Thank you all for your prayers!  Have a blessed night, or morning, or day, whenever you get this! :)


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