Thursday, November 1, 2012

-My Week at the Clinic-
   Hurricane Sandy welcomed us to Haiti with torrents of rain and wind. We made it back to the mission just in time for the rain to begin in earnest. And there we sat. Clinic was closed for the next two days while we sopped up buckets of water and tried to stay dry. By day three we were doing push-ups and jumping jacks to ease the lack of exercise.=) We ended up deciding to just get wet and donned huge rain coats for a hike. We got soaked to the skin but it was definitely worth it. =) 
 The rest of the week was full of some pretty incredible happenings. A women with eclampsia came in seizing seriously. We strung the oxygen cord out thru the people to where she lay on the ground and kept checking her oxygen levels before they took her out to town.
 We had four laboring women come in the last two days. Two,beautiful, baby girls were born. Anita discovered the one women was carrying twins and sent her out to town...and lady # four's results are still pending! 
I was amazed at the amount of infections and abscesses.  The nurses do an amazing job of stitching and cleaning terrible looking wounds. 

Rhoda, Emma, Janelle, and I on our hike. 

I spent some time in the pharmacy trying to help the Haitian pharmacist distribute meds. We communicated by signs and wonders. =) 

    Effadel came to the clinic around six weeks ago with a terrible abcess on his leg. He almost died as the infection went systemic. This week he made incredible progress. His legs are down to normal size and both abcesses are closing up and healing nicely. 
   Rhoda cleaning up an infected foot. 

~Katie Lapp

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