Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Where Is My Toothbrush?

      Besides telling some people it is a good idea to brush their teeth, we have been having fun giving out a few free toothbrushes, tooth paste, and bath towels recently.
     Somewhere in the fluff and stuff we found we have these nice little hygiene kits waiting for recipients. Well, giving things away is a lot of fun. So, yes, this week has been good so far.
    Monday, Katie and I took a nice little tramp up the mountain to Madam Jill's house. She is a tiny, shrunken up Grandma, with hardly anyone to care for her. Her blood pressure is dangerously high, and her feet are swollen. We had fun taking her some meds, praying with her, and handing her one of the little hygiene kits. She wanted us to tie the towel from the kit around her head to keep her warm.
     Another day, we got to give a little old Grandma we call Freckles a hygiene kit. Today we gave our little friend, Chelo, a kit.

    He was so happy to have his picture taken. Chelo lives with his mom. Sometimes he asks her why their dad doesn't help to take care of them. Sometimes he reads the Bible to his mom, now that they have one in their house.
     Please pray for us as we do the best we can with what knowledge we have. Sometimes the reality of our shortcomings is depressing. In the medical world, so little room is left for mistakes. Please pray that God would empower our minds and hands for His work in this tiny, hilly corner of Earth.

~Mis Rhoda

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