Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Slow Days

I enjoy Tuesdays.  Monday morning always feels so rushed, as there is usually quite a few patients that are waiting to be seen, and rendezvouses to be taken care of, and everyone is still trying to wake up after the weekend.  Tuesdays are generally slower.  Time can be taken to talk to the blood pressure patients and (attempt) to ask them how they are and let them know whether or not their blood pressure was high today, since they all want to know.  I can ask Fre Adolph what a word means, if I can't figure it out.  Whit and I can spend extra time with Jean Franz, our burn patient, and be extra picky with wrapping his foot if we feel like it.  A little extra time for cleaning can be spared.  There isn't quite as long a line of blood pressure patients.  Life just generally feels more peaceful to me on Tuesday.

I thought about not doing a blog post today, since it seemed like a relatively uneventful day, but then I thought that maybe a short, uneventful post was better than no post, so...

I thought I might add a few pictures from today, mostly because they take up space and make it look like I wrote a much longer post than I actually did. :o) Here Rhoda and Whitney are having class, as Rho is teaching Whitney how to take care of all the blood pressure patients that come in each day.


This is Jean Franz, checking out his neighbors, a mother and baby that came in yesterday evening and spent the night in the hospital.  He is always interested in anything that is happening around his current "home", looking, I'm sure, for something to break up the monotony of his days here.

And here Rhoda is, steri-stripping a small laceration on this young man's face, just above his left eye.  He looked so sad, so I tried to cheer him up by offering to take a picture of him, and then showing it to him.  That will usually elicit a grin or a laugh from the glummest of children, but not so with this youngster.  I thought I may have caught a glimmer of a smile when I showed him the photo that I had taken of him, but it vanished all too quickly.  I'm still not sure if it was the pain from his injury, or just shyness, that kept him from smiling.

So, like I said, a rather uneventful day here at the clinic.  Which isn't all bad, at least, not in my book.  Uneventful means nobody losing a scary amount of blood, that nobody has a mother or son that is probably not going to make it much longer, and that we didn't have any patients sick enough to need to be sent out.  So I'm okay with slow days.  In fact, I enjoy them. :o)

Oh, and I'm going to add one final picture below.  Whit and I decided to go for a walk this afternoon to see for ourselves how Fre Direk's mule has been faring.  I grabbed my camera before we left, so, hopefully, I could capture a picture of how well she is doing; and (maybe) share with y'all the same satisfied feeling I had when I saw her. 

Have a blessed week, and thanks for taking the time to read the blog. :o)


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