Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A house call...

On Sunday we received a request to do a house call for an elderly lady. They said she was having shortness of breath and chest pain, so Anita, Virginia and Brieanna went to check things out.

So, off we trekked down the riverbed to find her house...

Thankfully, the riverbed was dry, even though we've had lots of rain recently.

The dear lady seemed to be in much pain, but everything checked out well.

As we left to get some medication for her, the family thanked us for coming.

Some impressive rock formations in the riverbed...

It was a shorter walk than some of us were thinking... only about 15 minutes!

Walking back home.

As was mentioned before, it's been raining quite a bit;
Here's a thunderhead that was threatening the horizon with its presence.

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