Monday, April 17, 2017

Unseen Wars and Victories!!

This past week you could feel the powers of darkness all around. As we went through Easter, the Voodoo Balls and Raw Raw's are grabbing for the attention of our native friends. Many are victims of circumstances having grown up with devil worship and not knowing truth. It is a vital time for the Christians to stay strong. The devil is trying to attack everyone who is weak.

The past several weeks we have seen multiple cases which appeared to have demonic powers connected. It can be so hard sometimes to distinguish spiritual attacks from real medical emergencies. You can pray that we would have much wisdom to discern in these situations.

One morning this past week we were faced with a life/ death situation. It was a dear friend of ours who came in severe respiratory distress. She has a history of asthma so it's not uncommon for her to have asthma exacerbations sometimes. However,  this one was different as she was what appeared on the edge of death. We immediately started oxygen therapy and nebulizer treatments. As she was struggling to breath the devil seemed to be stomping on top of her. I prayed for her soul. It's only her soul that I want saved today. Pastor Jira was called in. He came in with several other people and started praying with her and rebuking the devil. After a short time you could see her body relax. It was rewarding when you finally see her and know that she was the one talking to us. 

Please pray for the many who are weak and allow the devil to have control of their lives. 

A few pics from this past week. Since it was a small week we had lots of people over in the afternoons. 

Our friend Rosina is cooking lunch for us. She spent several weeks at the hospital. It is so much fun to see her cooking again!!!

Her sweet little baby Mislove who has stolen all of our hearts!!

Emma, entertaining the children. 

Our team members interacting with our guests. 

"Greater is He that is in you then he that is in the world"

Thanks for your prayers and support,

                                                  ~ Mis Alyssa 

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