Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Morning at the clinic, (By Jon)

   Usually I walk to the clinic after breakfast each morning to greet the staff before beginning my days duties, but this morning doctor Mallise had driven to his moms place with the four wheeler before clinic started and ran out of gas, as I drove out of the compound the wind carried the sound of singing and praying towards me, and something inside of me made me burst forth in song of joy and thankfulness. The singing and praying came from the clinic. As people gather for physical needs, the staff there, are focused on the spiritual needs and their goal is to spread the gospel.
   As I came walking up to the clinic gate I saw one of the brothers praying with one of the people there, and another brother was handing out gospel tracts and talking to people, still other staff were walking about greeting each other before the day begins. My heart was thrilled again when I heard the word, "merci" over and over again. What an perfect way to show Christ, what a blessed opportunity to be a light. One lady was sitting with a red rag tied around her waist. Often times they do it when they have pain in their tummy's but because this was red, I had to look and think twice, because red is the symbol of demonic influence. It makes my mind gears shift and grind a bit as I start praying for her and possibly others that are sitting their steeped in sin and under the yoke of bondage. When Christ makes us free we shall be free indeed!!! Pray for us that we may continue to use the clinic as a way to reach people from hours and hours hike away with the promise of a brighter future, (Jesus).
   We are short staffed this week, one of the Haitian nurses took a week of and one of the pharmacy staff as well, tomorrow Megan leaves us to go back to the US, and Doctor Mallise also leaves. So I got to learn how to do blood pressures this morning, but thankfully my brother is coming today from Canada for a couple weeks, he is a paramedic back home and will be able to help out while he's here. 

That's me taking patients blood pressure.

I noticed this cute face peeking out from under this over sized hat watching me, so I took
it of and here was this happy little girls chirping away, all happy. I don't think I've seen
more then a few children that were as content and happy as this one.

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