Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Christmas Time for the Nurses!
And a  Stitch Job...

Finally the long awaited for meds arrived from CAM. We had so much fun rummaging through the boxes and finding a whole bunch of treasures. We felt like we were opening Christmas presents!
I have learned to appreciate meds and what they do for people, much more since I am here working in the Pharmacy.  Its such a blessing to be able to give the needed meds but my utmost desire is that they would see Jesus and turn to him for healing.

Here we are going through boxes and marking down the quantity of each med.

Ro and Mali stocking the pharmacy.

Wit trying to hide from the camera.

While we were unpacking meds this guy came in... He was working on a construction crew and  cut his hand with a saw.  So Mali stitched him up.


I'm just going to throw this picture in from today. Here's a 16 year old who gets seizures once or twice a month.  Unfortunately he was too close to a fire and fell in, thankfully the burns weren't too bad.

Please continue to pray for us as we let our lights shine!
~Miss Marcile

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