Thursday, January 13, 2022

(Temporary Backup) Update by Gloria

Hello everyone! 
   This finds us in just the start of rainy season here in Haiti  and also the start of a new year.  We all hope it's a better  year for  Haiti.  This last year was not a easy one for a lot of people.  
  Some more changes have happened since we wrote last time . On Sunday we said goodbye to our temporary administrators Austin and Emma Hartzler.  It was hard to see them go but I am really thankful for the 5 month they stayed here with us. Also thankful for all they did for us during this hard time don't know what we would have done without them.  God knew we needed them. Now we are looking forward to having our new administrators (James and Autumn Erdley) here Lord willing in a couple of weeks.  

 December 17th we had our Christmas staff fèt (party). We had lots of good food that our Haitian cook, Jetta, made. Took, reminisced over the last years event, had a moment of silence for Trent, staff pics, and had lots of fun. Then we closed clinic for 3 weeks and starting CLEANING! We got the whole clinic cleaned in a record of 2 days. We also did a lot of general clean up around the compound here, things that had gotten neglected this past year. 
 The 23rd we went to Ti Goave for another Christmas party hosted by Pastor Levy. We went earlier in the day to get some shopping done at market before we went to the party. Pastor and Madam Levy escorted Lorrayne, Emily and I in his car, a very exciting thing since its been at least 5 months since any of us had a ride in a car! The party was formal, decorated with reds and greens with a balloon backdrop and string lights. Tables lined the interior of the rented hotel party room, but even the decorations couldn't compare to the party goers who came- decked in their finest Christmas clothes!  We stayed at Pastor's house for the night and headed back up the mountain early the next day. 
 On Christmas day we delivered a baby girl,  Cody and Austin made brunch, we exchanged gifts and then in the evening we went to a double wedding at church. We came back late and had our Christmas supper. 
  The last couple days of the year of 2021 we spend on the little island called  Ile a Vache. It was a great get away. a time to relax and digest all that had happened in this past year. We also did some exploring on the island, visited their market and beautiful beaches. The island was a 20 minute boat ride from Les Cayes-that is if the ocean is calm. Unfortunately the day we came back it was a windy day and it took us 45 min to get to Cayes. 
    The rest of our days off we did a lot of visiting friends, studying creole, more deep house cleaning, etc. It was nice to have the break but we were all happy to jump back into clinic life again. 
   The first 2 days of clinic were crazy busy. Right now there is a bad fever an cold bug going around.  I declare there isn't one house hold in these mountains that doesn't have a sick family member in it. 
  We all are excited for this new year, please pray for us as we jump head first into 2022. 
 Thing's to pray for .
     • Austin and Emma as they go back to the states an get back into the groove of American life.
    •James and Autumn as they prepare to come here.
    • Us youth as we serve here without any administrators for a couple weeks. 
     • New birthing Center project.  
    • upcoming staff replacement, a guy for clinic and a girl for domestics until May. 
     • all the unrest and violence in Haiti. 
    Thanks for your prayers and support! 
   -Mis Gloria

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