Friday, September 20, 2013

Patient transfer and house call.

Taking a patient to Grafu.
    On Wednesday I came home from church to find out that Glenden is taking Anita and Katie to Grafu for a house call, so I jumped with. First we picked up this gentleman above, he is I believe 87 years old and has different ailments, shigilosis for one and I'm not sure as to what the others are. But we dropped him of at the catholic school there and after finishing the house call, he was still sitting. It seemed to me he couldn't last much longer.
Thought this picture would give you an idea of how little certain colors mean
to Haitians. This is Boss Marks house, I was amazed at how thorough and
perfect everything was built. 

Anita and Katie posing for a picture with Boss Marks mom.

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