Friday, January 16, 2015

A Long Night

It was Thursday 
​evening ​
when we got the call, the second lady in labor. T
​his would be our second​
 baby in 2015! 
 The first baby
​ boy​
 was born 
 in the evening. We radioed down to clinic to see how things were going, the only reply was a baby crying! Ro
​Ellamae ​
and I grabbed our stuff and head
 see what was up with our lady. After seeing the new baby boy we checked 
​the laboring lady
 and decided that we could go back home and get some
​ much needed​
o my 
​great ​
disappointment my sleep was interrupted abruptly
​ by insistent​
 banging on the gate.
Off to clinic we 
 not realizing that this 
 be a long night
t was 12:
Figuring by the looks of things
 this baby would come fast. 
​decided to stay and wait things out
​but  unfortunately​
 the baby 
​didn't want to make its appearance into the world quite yet 
​After talking and laughing loudly, and waking up Hans with our rendition of  "Thumbody Special",  we decided that it would be well worth it to try and get some sleep even knowing it was highly unlikely . ​
​Surprisingly ​
Ro and I 
​slept while Ellamae was kept busy ten​ding to the laboring mother. 
​Suddenly Ro and I 
were awakened by Ella
​mae's ​
It's coming
​, the baby is coming​
​" Ro jumped up and ran into the room so fast, she forgot her glasses and shoes leaving her running around the room in her socks. 
I got up so quickly that I felt very dizzy, running into the
​to find
 every thing was 
​in a chaos
      Praise the Lor​d a healthy screaming baby boy was born at 5:45 am.
Three weary but silly, tired, happy nurses walked home ready to get cleaned up and rested before the busy day got started.
 Mis Marcile 

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