Saturday, June 15, 2013

A wonderfully, normal day

Yesterday the clinic staff had a nice, "normal" day, with no real emergencies and difficult cases. Extreme injuries make for interesting blog posts, but they're unfortunate for the individual and when so many come in so often, it can wear a person out!

So it was great to have an average, uneventful morning at the clinic. It was the perfect way to end the week...

Anita and Megan discuss a few things as a patient looks on, 
awaiting her diagnosis.

Over in the pharmacy, Madam Leger and Madam John Marc were doing what they do best-
Filling prescriptions and talking about the week's events.

A few people in the waiting area, dossiers in hand, preparing to go in for a checkup.

Mis Anita, researching a treatment, while writing out a prescription.

This little one was born about 2 weeks ago. He was very healthy and normal at first, but his mother brought him in because he wasn't getting enough to eat.

His mother and relatives were there, learning how to feed him and take better care of him.
The poor little one had lost about pound since he was born...
It seems like they're on the right track now, so we have high hopes for him!

Mis Katie, taking care of the blood pressure patients.
The people often have a hard time understanding the concept of diet and habit changes,
so it takes time and patience to help and educate each individual...

The waiting line, outside the pharmacy.

Ah, yes, a very fine day it was!

And, on a day like this, one can actually take time to stop and smell the...
Well, they're not roses, but the next best thing, maybe!

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