Thursday, July 25, 2013

Let the little children come!

 It's Tuesday afternoon in Aleg. The sun shines hot as Mis Rhoda finishes translating her bible story into kreyol and grabs her felt board. I page through the kreyol songbook...finding a few children's choruses. We open the compound gate and with many bounces and giggles and happy shouts from the children we finally make it to the clinic benches. While Mis Rhoda sets up the felt board I go back out the trail to call in all our favorite little people. Kristella comes skipping along with her beautiful smile. Fabulla has a freshly washed face and has finally brought her little brother along, who shyly looks up at me with wondering eyes. Even 2 yr. old Malia sees the action and comes tottering down the trial with outstretched arms. Finally, I close and lock the gate. Then I count heads. 18 bouncing little bodies cram in the front benches leaning and pushing for the best view. Rho and I laugh and try to be strict and in a few minutes the noise level dies down. 18 pensive little faces watch Rhoda as she starts telling the story of creation. And then we sing!! There is nothing more beautiful then a throng of filthy, smiling, children raising their voices and praising Jesus. Their black faces shine as we sing and clap through our songs. And then, like a herd of baby goats, we shoo them out of the courtyard. Rho and I look at each other and smile. Sometimes in happy thankfulness and other times in frustration. Pray for Danyson, one of the 'outcast' children, who often won't come to class and runs around the neighborhood stealing and begging. Pray that we would plant seeds of love and hope in these sad little hearts.

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