Friday, July 19, 2013

Survival Techniques

When 4 babies decide to come in a weeks time, it keeps the nurses hopping.  And since lose of sleep is often involved, we have to find ways of surviving!  Travel mugs and coffee are great survival techniques!  

Rhoda's and my coffee cups from the birth yesterday.  

Rho and I with the newest arrival

We got called at 5 am so at least we had most of a night's sleep.  Baby was born at 9:35 am.  Rhoda delivered the baby and did an excellent job.  She'll soon be on her own!!!  By the time we were done clinic was well on it's way so we jumped right into the swing of our day.  

We know the mom and family so we got a pic of the gang.
L-R: Great Grandma, Mother, Mis Rhoda, Baby, Baby's Aunt (in front), Mis Anita, Baby's grandma, and another Aunt (Madam Celeste)  

I just wanted to add a snapshot of Mis Leda.  We lean on her a lot!  She does an excellent job at treating patients, hanging in in the thick and thin, being there when I need her.  With some of the classes we've had the last while, she's really been picking up on new concepts too.  I love to hear her witness to patients as well.  

Mis Leda

Below is a picture of the healing cut that we stitched up last week.  It won't be scare free, but it seems to be healing well.  Because of it's depth and angle, it wasn't the neatest stitch job I've ever done.  I am very grateful though that he does have movement of his little finger and ring finger.  It's not total yet, but I'm hoping it will continue to improve as it heals and he uses them.  

Healing cut with stitches out

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