Friday, March 22, 2013


A little peek of some of the clinc staff at work!!!
Vicson, he's one of the gate gaurds, he is always listening to
Bible on his mp3 player.

People sitting with a number, waiting for their name to be
Fre. Direk, he fills out the dossiers when they come in and
also where people pay.

Fre. Adolph, he weighs people in, and keeps the
the filing system organized.
These folks half been called in, weight taken and are sitting
in line waiting their turn.

We also have a blood pressure program, and whoever is on there
gets an appointment each time they come in and they come on
day of their appointment and instead of waiting they get
checked and can leave right away, Miss Rhoda's turn
this time.

Madam Leger works in the pharmacy.

Miss Anita starting an intervenous on an older patient while
Miss Megan is looking on and learning.
Madam Daniel, the cleaning lady at the
Miss Leda doing a consultation.
Fre. Noaz is doing the daily morning devotions and singing as the clinic
opens up.

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