Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Who's In Control?

“ Can you please control the patients?” This a common term used in the clinic when we talk about doing initial vitals on the patients as they arrive.  The other day at clinic, I started pondering the meaning of control. In the English language, it means, having the power to influence or to direct the behaviour of another. A second meaning is to have the power above another. In Creole the word, kontwòl has the same english meanings but also monitoring. This is the context, we use the word. I began thinking the other day I am defiantly not in control in these people’s lives. I am unable to control if they get sick or not but, I am here to monitor their health status. 

An elderly couple having their blood pressure controlled. 

Out of control? Many times in healthcare, we feel out of control but thankfully, God is in control. Friday was a busy clinic day as usual. The benches were packed, many people were waiting to be seen. The day proceeded smoothly Doc came up to do his weekly consultations. 

A woman arrived with a large tumour/hematoma on the side of her face. She was persistent to have it removed. Doc decided to go ahead and see what was going on. The procedure proceeded well until, a highly vascular area was discovered. The blood would not stop coming. Doc and Hans faithfully held pressure, while Whit and I brought more and more gauze. Will the BLEEDING STOP? With much grace, we persistently proceeded, the bleeding needed to stop. Doc quickly stitched it shut to allow the clotting factors to initiate clotting. 

Before the surgery. 

Our surgeon and his assistant. 

The procedure in process. 

In the meantime, while we were working to get the lady stable, Kindra came in and said a cot had arrived. This man had fallen out of a tree. The only visible injury was a open fracture on his right hand. Although, we were unable to determine if there was more extensive internal injuries. While we got him stabilized, he was in and out of consciousness. Hans called various places to make arrangements for the patient, in the end Doc was willing to take him out to town with him.

The open fracture. 

After Doc had left, the lady needed to be stitched up finished. The bleeding had slowed down some although not altogether. Whit and I proceeded to finish stitching the lady. We were thankful for cayenne pepper to initiate clotting. We packed the incision full. I held pressure, while Whit stitched. We had a challenge to get the bleeding stop. Thanks to prayer and support the job got finished. Good work everyone! Even though the situation felt out of our control God was there.

Mesi Bondye! 

~ Alyssa 

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