Monday, August 19, 2013

Baby's baby's and O wait.....yes! one more baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   To me personally it seems as if there's little else happening the last month at the clinic after hours and during the night except for babies being born. We haven't counted them yet but I think it's around 3 or 4 a week. I'm not sure if it ever gets old to the nurses, but maybe just maybe behind the scenes they are competing on who delivers the cutest one!!!!!!!!!

   Rhoda and Katie delivered one on Saturday afternoon, it was a bit scary for them, according to the papers the mom brought in it was around one month overdue, and it's cord was wrapped around her neck twice. But in the end all went well and it's alive and happy.

   Anita and Whitney delivered one on Sunday afternoon. The mom came in and it seemed as if things are progressing slowly and they weren't sure if they should go to the orphanage for our weekly get away, but just a bit before everyone left they baby was born.

Rhoda and Katie after a tough delivery. 
Whitney and Anita's turn.
O so cute.....

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