Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blessed are the flexible...

...for they shall never be bent out of shape! I often think of this when everything unexpected happens and nothing that WAS expected happens. :) And then at the end of the day I look back and see what wonderful 'gifts' and blessings God dropped down in the midst of a very unexpected schedule.

Like this darling lil guy who was in a great hurry to meet the world yesterday afternoon. Suddenly the mom who was in quiet labor in the next room was in dire need of the nurses. Ro grabbed gloves and suction and I came flying into the room and there HE was. Perfect color, strong cry...and the sweetest little face.

Delivery nurses Rhoda and Katie with a friend and the baby

The mom and her baby

 Our stroke patient started mumbling out a few words the day after he came. The next morning his whole face lit up when we prayed with him and when I sang to him he started mouthing the words with me. With a few days of Mis Anita's great therapy lessons he was walking and responding to our questions. His family was so happy!

Learning to walk again

Enjoying his caring family and nursing staff

 I can't help but add this pic of one of my malnutrition cases that came in this week. I could NOT get her to smile the whole time I assessed her. Her face looked just like a sad little mouse. But when I popped out of the depot and she caught sight of the Herbalife can I was bringing for her, she reached out with both her skinny arms and broke into a priceless smile. Such moments stay in the heart forever.

      - Mis Katie

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