Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Two boys came in...

We had two little boys come in, both with serious conditions. 

The little boy in the yellow shirt had a "strangulated hernia". Michael realizd there was nothing he could do for the little boy, and that he needed to be taken out to town. So, last evening, he took the little boy out with his parents.
The second little boy (with the two I.V. lines) came in with an infection throughout his whole body. It had begun, the family said, with a headache, then a soar throat, and then the little boy was refusing to eat or drink. As of now the little boy is still over at clinic, and being carefully watched under Thea and Virginia's superb care, and seems to be doing much better.  
Thea and Michael were examing the clinic chairs looking for bedbugs the other day. We are in need of new chairs, because these are becoming so worn and full of insects!

Alex and Virginia after a birthday party for one of our Haitian nurses.

Here is the boy with the hernia. He was in much pain...

Thea, setting the IV to the correct drip rate.

Here is the boy with the infection... looking better!

Searching for the infamous bed-bugs!

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