Monday, July 14, 2014

Pumpkin Soup and Partings

    Pumpkin soup. Exactly. Maybe it would be better than you think. Maybe if it was all you got to eat all day, you would think it was good.

Joe said, "I always love when you come."
    Joe gets none too much love. He suffers way too much pain. But when we see him in the morning, again, he says, "God didn't call me yet." Poor, dear Joe with the huge bed sore. I think you would make him pumpkin soup if it was one thing in his day that made him smile, wouldn't you?

And, then, there is Pasquet. He has had cancer, for years, and seems to be on his death bed. He came
to us, deeply dehydrated, and unresponsive. We kept him on IV overnight and into the next day, before he started to respond with smiles, a few words, and hand motions. It is so exciting to watch him revive, and yet we know unless something miraculous happens, he will most likely be heading towards death, anyways. But, Pasquet loves God, and his peace is evident.

And, this cute little droopy-eyed child....why is he smiling?

We were able to make a trip to Laogone hospital, where specialists work on bones. This little boy returned to us after his surgery with some white doctors in that hospital. They were able to  successfully remove a toe that was causing him problems with pain and efficient walking. We praise the Lord for H
is timing, because the surgery itself was able to be done with a fairly low cost table, since it was a missionary team on the premises that week.                                                    
On the positive/miracle note. We were running out of gloves again here at clinic. They were too expensive to buy more when the last crew was in town, so we were trying very hard to not use too many of our sterile glove stash. Every day, multiple times, I would ask God if He was remembering about our gloves. Well, he was! Yesterday, some donated gloves arrived, unexpectedly. So, I know God is like that. 
 We as a team want to thank every one of our friends, who sends encouragement, takes the time to pray, and touch our lives from all over the globe. Steve, Shana, and family.This is your last night here. THANK-YOU doesn't cut our sentiments. Kate, ADIEU, and sniff. God is calling you somewhere else, too. We will try to pass on the legacy you left behind. We all love you and will miss the excellency portrayed in your service in the Haitian hills. I know that sometimes, at least, you will remember us over coffee....Good-night! --Mis Woda                                         

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