Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Just a Glimpse...

...of what's been going on recently.  And not so recently, as in since the last time we blogged!  :-0  :-)

Really not so much out of the ordinary has happened here the last while though.  Kin and I both went back to the States for a couple weeks mid June, leaving Hans, Mali, and Alyssa in charge of clinic.  I was back for my brother's and another friends' wedding, and Kin was back to give her mother a surprise welcome home after having been in Austria doing cancer treatment for several months!

I was extra excited about coming back this time, since I didn't have to come alone!  My little sis, Ataley, (who all the Haitians can't believe is bigger than her older sister;) came back to spend a few weeks with me!  

Last Friday she was Dr. Felix's assistant while he did a small surgery to remove a large cyst from a man's head.   

I know, it's kinda gross.  Maybe I should've added a disclaimer to this post.  :). But it was pretty neat to see that huge fatty blob of tissue removed!  :0 :)

We've had a steady number of births the last month too.  I think this was the first of three that our team has done the last couple weeks!   

Well I hope no one was hoping for a more exciting blog post, cause if you can't tell, my inspiration to write it hasn't just been bubbling over...

Maybe next time. ;)

One more thing...I know it sounds trite, but keep serving God wherever you are!  :). He is a GOOD and faithful God! 


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