Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Right Foot/Left Foot-In Foot/Out Foot

     "Wow, this looks like a nice, healthy baby," I was thinking when I pulled the blankets back. "I wonder why they called me outside."
     "She was just born last night," they told me. 
    I pulled off her socks next. And then I saw them. These feet. Or what are they? They ARE feet. Aww.
    So we are trying to make connections with a doctor in Port now, to see if any one in Haiti can help him. (And yes, this is a boy hidden under the pink dress....)
    And I must mention the bellyache boys. We have two of them in the hospital right now. The one seems to be recovering from an impacted bowel. The other one is still in observation. We aren't sure what he has. He just arrived a few hours ago. 
     And this boy, well, he just fell and really cut up his gum. A loose flap hung awkwardly from above his teeth. Katie lidocained him up, and cut that offending piece off. So don't make fun of his face. It hurts!

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Sharon said...

Bonswa tout moun! Sa fe' kek tan depi m'ap swiv blog sa, epi m'vle di nou mesi pou jan n'ap travay pou Jezi an Ayiti. Mwen se yon fi Menonit ki soto Kanada, epi m' renmen Ayiti anpil!
I was at the MGMH clinic in Beraca, Miragoane from Nov. 2010 - May 2012. I believe some of you may have met Sheryl and Elizabeth from that mission when they came to visit your clinic. I am hoping to visit Haiti in Dec. of this year, and since the nurses at MGMH requested that I bring lidocaine along down, this post caught my attention. What strength of lidocaine were you using, Katie? With or without epinephrine? What are the pros and cons of having epinephrine or not? I spoke with the practical nurse at my Dr.'s office this am, and she said she'd recommend no epinephrine because it can prolong the freezing and if you're watching for bleeding after the freezing comes out you'll need to wait for several hours. I'm super interested in hearing your advice!!!
Mesi anpil!

- Sharon

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