Cow cut...

Amongst the business yesterday, a man appeared with a towel wrapped around his arm.
His problem?
A large gash on his left arm, caused by a cow's horns!

Anita and Thea were about ready to go to the clinic for the day, 
so they just stayed around to stitch him up.

Checking blood pressure...
Anita suspected that the man was going into shock, so they decided to put him on an IV.

There it is... the gash.

Thea, trying to get the IV started...

It was very hard to get the IV started, but after about 15 minutes, Thea finally had it running!

After it was cleaned up, it didn't look so bad...

Preparing for the operation...

Some of the muscle was also torn, so Anita stitched that too!

Almost done...

A splendid job! Looking better already...

And here is the finished product.
He'll have a nice story for his grandchildren when they see the scar later on!


Anonymous said…
I feel sorry for MR patient, but it looks like a fun job.

You gals cleaned it up nicely!

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