Sunday, June 12, 2011

At the Clinic...

During the past several days as things have been very busy at the CTC,
we have certainly not been shut-down at the normal clinic! In fact we have
continued to see an ordinary amount of people there, and over the past few
nights we've had 2-3 patients staying in the hospital rooms, with various
complaints. This man apparently has a fairly serious ulcer, or at least that
was as close as our nurses to get to it. We basically stabilized him over
several days time; he will still need to go see a specialist, but at least we
were able to IV and rehydrate him- he was severely dehydrated on arrival.

This lady appeared to have a combination of other illness with hyper-tension
issues, which gave her severe pain and a fear that something more serious
could be going on. It seemed that once we were able to keep her tension
medication in her, she is improving; but she'll be monitored for a few days
yet more than likely.
It looks as though the man above, will be able to go
out with Pastor Levy this afternoon...

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