Sunday, September 20, 2020

Meet Our Clinic Staff

 "Clinic Staff"

I thought i'd introduce you to our staff here at clinic! I know its been done over the years but staff members change frequently, especially us whites!

So here we are...

This is Kadet and Frè Daniel. If you would come into clinic in the morning they are the first clinic staff you would meet. Daniel and Kadet take turns switching off working at the hand washing station and inside the front clinic door, helping with crowd control, calling people in for their rendezvouz and anything else that needs to be done. They both come faithfully every morning at 7:30 and are the first ones at clinic in the morning.

Frè Dereck sits inside a window giving people numbers as they come in. He takes their hospital card, writes down their info and collects the money. This man we all call our papa.. he has a heart of gold and adopted us all for his children!

Frè Dolph calls in the patients, and weighs them, they then sit on the bench and wait to have their vitals checked.

Reynold is our young energetic, alway on time, always cheerful worker! He and his little family live 2hrs walking distance from the clinic. He once told me that if he is running late he runs to clinic and can make  it in an hour and 45 min!!!! 
He also works in the front room... finds the dossiers for Dolph, checks vitals, and writes it on the dossier, he also keeps his eyes open for anyone that comes in with high blood pressure or other maladi (sickness) that needs to be seen to ASAP.

Frè Noez is our "tonton" (uncle) he makes us laugh until the tears roll! I'm not really exactly sure what to tell you his job description is... he is pretty much every where helping with crowd control,whenever we have a situation where we need prayer we call him, when there's a situation where strict instruction is needed or encouragement he is there reinforcing what ever we say, he has a heart of compassion and love for his people and takes to time to sit down with patients and really find out what they need.

Doctor Evans is a doctor from T-guave he comes to our clinic every Friday to do consultations. He often has rendezvvouz with people that he follows and we also keep certain situations for him to see. He keeps us all laughing with his big jokes!

Doctor Jacques has been here since June. She has been an extreme blessing to the clinic here. It's so nice to have a doctor here every day and not just on Fridays (Dr Evans comes fridays).

Mis Leda has been a faithful worker here for many years. she does "tons" of consultations every day. Since she's been here the longest and since Emma has left us she is my go to nurse when I have questions.

Mis Simose is our skinny nurse! She's a sweet and willing worker. She also does A LOT of consultations every day.

Mis Junille just started working a week ago. She came to fill the spot of one of our other nurses that isnt working anymore.

This is me! Im a Certified Professional midwife and work in the prental program we have. I see approx 5-10 pregnant moms a day. I also am the midwife for the moms that come here in labor. We have approximately 10 births here a month. I love my job/work here!

Daniella works in the milk and malnutrition program. She also helps me in the prenatal program, blood pressure program, helps with bandage patients and anything else that comes in. She is a huge blessing in helping out with difficult situations where there is spiritual things going on with the patient as she understands the language amd culture here in ways that we don't.

James works in the blood pressure program. He sees about 15 patients a day... I often hear him and his patients laughing and joking! Alot of his patients are little old grannys. Even though he has to be hard on them sometimes to not eat certain food or drink coffee, they love him!

Brendon... I had taken this pic before he left and I was planning on having this blog written by now, but anyway I'm going to stick it in. He isn't here anymore but left a huge spot... we don't have a replacement yet and are praying that God would send us someone! He was in charge of the bandage patients and helped with alot of other things too. We miss you ALOT Brendon.

These are our Pharmacists...Micky Smith, Zitha and Teres I can't say enough about them! I often walk into the pharmacy and they have piles of prescriptions to fill out, I ask them how its going, they just laugh and say "Good"! Micky does an amazing job dividing out meds for each day. It can be extremely stressful and frustrating because often times we run put of meds for the day and she has to figure something out... either giving prescriptions to go to another hospital or digging into her next days supply.

Madam Daniel and Sè Rose are our cleaning and Laundry ladies. We call both of them "Mama"!

Patrick cuts our gauze.

God bless you all! Please keep us in your prayers, Mis Marcile

Friday, August 28, 2020


Hello to everyone reading this. 

Wow, what a crazy week we’ve just had. 

Last Sunday tropical storm Laura hit us. It rained Sunday morning harder than I’ve ever seen in my life. All three of our houses on the compound got water in them. Us guys house was the worst. We had water pouring in underneath a door we longer use. We were using a 6 gallon shop-vac, a mop, and several towels to try and keep ahead of the water pouring in. Not until after James was able to put a piece of an old moto tube under the door and the rains lightened up were we able to keep the water from pouring in.

During mid-day the rains lightened but the wind increased until that evening. 

Sometime in the late afternoon, we were informed that a tree fell onto Violitha’s father and killed him. 

Violitha is a student doctor that has been working at our clinic between the times she is in port-au-prince for tests. She is a good friend to all of us that work at clinic. He was a good Christian man, so he is now in a much better place, but we are all saddened by his death. 

Please lift Violitha’s family in prayer as his death was very sudden and such a shock. 

Monday was a very small day at clinic. We only had 5 patients. Most people either couldn’t come to clinic or they were cleaning up after the storm. 

Tuesday we had 35 patients and everything went about as usual. Tuesday evening Marcile got a call from a lady she had been following here at clinic that was pregnant with twins. Several of us jump on a machine and go to her house to check on her. She was in labor and unable to walk to clinic so we brought her down to clinic. 

Wednesday morning at 5:14 John Walner, one of the guys that works at the compound came to our gate saying his wife was in labor and needing a ride from church to clinic, which is about a 3 minute drive on the machine. 

I go pick Selma up on the machine and bring her to clinic. 

About 20 minutes after she gets to clinic the baby was born. 

The baby boy is their first child. John Walner was so excited. I can’t even describe how happy he was. 

I was expecting to be back in the states when the baby was to be born but he was born a month early. I am very happy I could be here and experience the joy with John Walner and Selma. 

Later that day the twins of the mother we brought in the night before were born. One a girl and the other a boy. 

Wednesday evening I took 2 patients down to the tigwav hospital that had come to clinic that day. Mis Micky also came back from her brother’s wedding so I picked her up while I was down in town. 

Thursday was pretty much another normal day at clinic except there were 2 more babies born early that morning. 

Since mis Emma is no longer here Marcile has been doing all of the births. She has had 5 births in 2 days, and has handled it all like a boss. Great job Marcile.

Today was a crazy busy day at clinic. I didn’t count how many patients yet but it was a lot. 

We had 2 drs and 3 nurses in clinic today. 

Dr Males from the states is in the area for a few days so he was here at clinic today. 

I am very sad that I only have 2 days at clinic yet before I leave. 

I will miss my work here at clinic and the people I work with. 

I’ve seen very many happy people.  I’ve prayed for miracles to happen and some of those prayers came true. 

On the flip-side, I’ve seen many hurting people, not only hurting because of a medical problem but hurting spiritually.  There’s also been a few times where God did not answer my prayer for a miracle the way I had prayed. 

It’s very difficult to explain the mixed emotions I feel about leaving here, but I’m at the end of this chapter of my work here in Aleg. 

I will never regret coming here as I have learned so much. Probably the thing I’ve learned the most is to simply trust God in any situation I find myself. 

No matter what you are facing in life, ‘look to your All Mighty Father in heaven.’ 

You will never face anything in life that is to big for the creator of the universe to handle. 

            Brendan Horner. EMT

Wednesday, August 26, 2020


 Words don’t always come, so pictures will have to speak. Here is some of the moments that blessed me over the past couple months.

While a soft rain was falling, and the sun rising; the roosters, and every morning creature, were filling the background air with their songs of praise. It all made me stop for a moment, and ponder what Heaven must be like. ♥️ 

Brendan, Emma and I had just come back from clinic after a perfect birth.

That night was a blur, and it still remains somewhat blurry in my memory. 

It was 10:00 at night, people were everywhere roaming from room to room....Voices of chatter mingled, with the cry of those in labor, filled the air. Things felt out of control, yet we had no choice but to pull through. And we did, with God’s help!

  Once the night ended, there was a baby born, and two other patients sent out to town. One of those, was this lady. They came to visit us one day, while on their way back home.

This was during church. It blessed me so much to look behind me and see this child singing her heart out! ❤️ Most people don’t have hymn books. They sing from memory, even the little children.

We went and visited a friend “doc” (she’s in her 3-4th year of school).  Covid had closed her school, so she came up to Aleg to stay with her family. She spent several months here and helped out at clinic doing various jobs.  Now that school has started again, she has returned to Port-a-Prince to continue her studies.  Her joyful personality, sweet spirit, and her help will be missed.

The gifts they give, bless me over and over again. Financially living here is tough for a lot of people, and yet they still give.

This little girl is a twin, but her brother is a lot smaller. I guess they favored her over the boy when it came to food!?!? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Anyways, the mom had stayed in the hospital room for a least a week, while we monitored the little boy. Both babies got put on the plumpy-nut/milk program and are doing (especially the boy) a lot better.

Ps. She’d often greet me with a smile, when I’d go see her in the mornings.  ❤️

It took this introvert awhile to appreciate this sight...This is often the giveaway to knowing wether or not you’re having “unexpected” company.

My ears caught the sound of voices in beautiful praise, while I strolled across the guy’s patio. It seemed like it was coming from bosses house, so I followed it. Sure enough, I found these three playing and singing away.  ❤️ While I sat there and listened, my thoughts turned heavenward, wondering what it will be like to stand around the throne of God singing praises that all can understand. Oh, what a day that will be! ☺️ 

Until next time,  Michaela

Saturday, August 15, 2020

 It's rainy, cold and very windy here today. Apparently there's a tropical storm blowing over and Its giving me the feels of a snow storm in Wiscinsin and I'm being tempted to make fresh donuts to go with my coffee...and then I think of my friends. Some of them live in secure houses but few of them stay totally dry in a rainstorm and very few of their houses are safe in a strong wind storm. Now I'm not hungry for donuts and the reality of all the HARD that my friends experience sits in my gut. 

My days here In Haiti are winding down and the memories and all the deep feelings well up in my eyes and roll down my cheeks easily. I think of the many many things I've experienced here and I wouldn't trade them for anything. I don't feel like I've done much for this place but Haiti and it's people have taught me so much and I'll forever be thankful that God allowed me to come here and experience the raw beauty and also the hard. I've seen miracles, and Gods love and grace in powerful ways. 

I think of the man who told me none of his family ate anything yesterday because they're out of money, I see the witchdoctor and think of the chains that bind her, I see the grief in the mom's eyes when I told her that her young child had died, I see the malnourished children with big bellies and dehydrated sunken in sad eyes. I hear the young new father crying out In helpless prayer for his wife as she suffers. I see him fall to his knees in distress. I see the dark and scared eyes and can only imagine what is behind them. I saw the blind widow who very few people seem to care about. I smell rotten wounds and I see blood, I see IV fluids hanging above the beds of the sick. 

On the other hand, there is so much beauty. I think of the beautiful little cleft palate baby who was able to get surgery last week. Her parents were married for 9 years and unable to have children before her. Seeing them choose to love and accept her is so beautiful. 

The newborns first cry is a favorite of mine and after many many births, I still get teary sometimes when I hear it. There are many other things I could mention, but I think I'll leave it at that for now. Once again, thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for us. We need it every day. 

-Mis Emma.

Friday, June 19, 2020

"Hidden Blessings" By Michaela Smith

The tears silently slid down my heart, as a lifeless little body slid into my hands. “God please”, was the prayer that echoed quietly from my lips, as I unwrapped the tight cord three times around his neck. Surveying the little one, I simply saw no trace of life, which them prompted my next move, CPR. Seconds passed, before I grabbed the stethoscope, to listen to a much wanted heart beat. Nothing. I continued, all the while making sure mother was in good condition. Marcile had just entered the clinic gate and soon 

joined me. We continued to work with the baby, but before long it was clear that we did all we could. I had glanced from time to time, at the faces of the parents, as they watched things unfold. Hopelessness was more and more seen, the longer things went on. We had tried our best in trying to get baby to breathe, but it was clear that the little one wasn’t meant to live life here on earth. My heart ached, and the tears threatened to flood my eyes, when I walked into the hospital room where the mother laid on her bed. The tears were streaming down her face, as she mourned for her child. I wanted to reach out to her and make things better, but I knew I couldn’t. So, I just stood by her bed, silently praying that God would be near her through this time. That same day, I assisted at the birth of a different mom who later went home holding her healthy baby girl. 

I will never know the “why” behind some little ones dying in childbirth and others living; but this I do know, that it’s God who ultimately chooses life or death, and that there is always a purpose behind everything he does. 

Although, there are moments of pain, there are still moments of beauty and things to be thankful for. I’m reminded of that daily: through the smile of a child, the music of praise playing loudly just before clinic opens, the laughter as friendships are being made, a flower, the little child running along with excitement as his handmade kite trails behind, and the songs of praise erupting from the mouths of loved ones over the safe delivery of their newest family member. These are a few of those “hidden” blessings, that serve to remind me to be thankful for the gift of life, but also of the sustaining strength, faithfulness and goodness of God. 

-Mis Michaela Smith

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Update From Mis Emma "The Little Things"

         “He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds. He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names. Great is our Lord, and of great power: his understanding is infinite.”

                                                                                                                               Psalms 147:3-5 KJV 

These verses stood out to me this week as I was reading one morning before heading to clinic. It makes me feel so small and God so great. 

         Something that helps me keep that perspective is focusing on the little things in life and realizing how great they really are. I think God puts many beautiful things in our path every day that I easily fail to recognize. The newborn baby’s first cry, the smile and “bònjour” from the little grannie across the street, sitting on the top of a mountain and hearing the tiny sounds of all manner of things in all different directions, watching the stars sparkle at night, sitting beside a campfire or beside the ocean, the mischievous wink from the neighbor kid...and I could think of many more things. These are the little things that we experience that are actually really big things , so easy to take for granted and yet so beautiful. Even in my darkest hour, my most broken state, God is big and cares so much. Here’s to me trying to notice and enjoy the little things and not wait for that big thing; to standing still in the silence and waiting for God to move. 

          Here is a picture of a tiny lil patient of ours. She’s over a month old & quite malnourished. She has a very caring mom who wasn’t able to produce enough milk to keep her healthy. She was apparently born at home and normal sized but was only 4lb when she arrived here at clinic. She’s been staying at clinic so we can keep a close eye on her and give her formula. She is close to 5lb now and much stronger. 

Thanks so much for your prayers and support!         Mis Emma

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Update from Brendan Horner


       It was great being back at clinic today. Last week we took off Thursday and Friday to go on a little beach outing with Derek and Lori before they leave. There was a funeral in T-Goave that we went to on Saturday then I stayed the night in T-Goave and came home Sunday afternoon. It seems like I was gone a lot the past few days so it was good to be back at clinic today. 

      It was a normal Monday at clinic. Had a total of 72 patients. My days consist of the usual bandage changes and just help out where needed. One of the patients that came in today is a little baby that is very malnourished, it's so tiny and sick looking. It will stay here at clinic till it is up to 5 pounds. 

       This evening there was another baby born at clinic.

 Having newborn baby's around is always refreshing. When you see a lot of sadness and people die it's always refreshing to see and hold a new life. 

 Brendan Horner, EMT

Meet Our Clinic Staff

 "Clinic Staff" I thought i'd introduce you to our staff here at clinic! I know its been done over the years but staff members...