It’s me again and to be perfectly honest, I haven’t the foggiest idea what to write about. Life here can hardly ever be considered “normal” but when the unusual, unexpected, and abnormal happens consistently enough it basically becomes normal and I don’t know which thing to write about. 
 We closed clinic for a ‘lil over two weeks for “vacation” and spent most of it scrubbing and getting everything re-organized and ready for 2018. I think everyone is really enjoying being back in clinic life and working in a newly cleaned and organized facility.
We’ve been having very nice-sized days here at clinic which gives us a ‘lil time on some afternoons to go visit friends or invite friends over to play ball or make food together.
I’m still loving working with my dear blood pressure patients. Mr Chocolate, from my last blog post brought me his promised chocolate and today I was promised a beautiful chicken. :-)
I’m gonna throw a few random photos on here and hope that they’ll upload for me thi…


Hi everyone my name is Ben, I've been living here in Haiti for just over two months. First off I'll be blogging about some surgeries that we're done at our clinic close to a month ago now. We were blessed to have Dr Phil Sutherland come and do some surgery at our clinic. With having a clinic here in Haiti we have people come that needs surgery done and we don't have a regular doctor here that can perform surgeries, so it's a real blessing to have Phil come about once a year and catch up on surgeries that need done. Most all the surgeries where removing lumps and tumors of various sizes there was also a lady that needed a small toe removed so he cut it off and repaired her foot. This was a very good experience for all of us I feel we learned a lot being able to work with the doctor as he performed the surgeries. For most of us this was a first time experience helping with surgeries but the doctor had lots of patience and work with us. These surgeries took place on …

Doing the best I can 

...because that’s all I can do. A friend recently shared this with me. “Do the best you can, and when you know better, do better”. It was a really good reminder for me. Sometimes living in a different country, speaking a language I’m not fluent in about things I feel an inadequate knowledge of to people of a different culture has my brain hiccuping. I’m thankful every day that with Gods help, I can do the best I can - for Him.  I started doing th Blood pressure program last week and I’m loving it. I thoroughly enjoy the ‘lil grandmas and grandpas I get to interact with every day. Even the stubbon ‘lil guy who come late for his appointment and obviously hasn’t been taking his meds and claims to have taken them every single day with lots of water. I preached at him about their importance for his well-being and he promised to come on the day of his next appointment with a gift of chocolate for me. Pretty sure that was an attempt at making a brownie point with his new Mis. Maybe a chocol…

Change and God's Faithfulness

The last couple weeks at our little clinic have been filled with change. And there is more just ahead. The months of November and December are bringing quite a bit of staff change here, which is both difficult and good at the same time. So far, James and Katie Erdley left for home on November 16th, at the end of their term. Ben Lapp arrived here November 1st to begin preparing to fill James's spot. Ben has been doing great and adjusting well. There is another girl coming this week to fill Katie's spot, and then another girl coming in early December to fill the vacancy from my upcoming departure... incidentally this is the last blog post I will make here! That fills my heart with sadness and many mixed emotions. But back to the staff... Autumn Stauffer who was here for 3 months earlier this year and then returned to the States for a while due to health reasons, is returning as well, in early December. So currently, there is much shifting around and flexibility of filling in th…

Si Bondye Vle

“If God Wants/Wills.” This phrase is heard often throughout the day in our little clinic. It is a facet of Haitian culture that can become very commonplace to those of us that work here.... but it is one I never want to forget, even when I return to the hustle and bustle of American life some day. As I give out rendezvous for people to return in a week, 2 weeks, or a month, for their check-ups... a very common phrase at the end of stating their tentative return date, is “si Bondye vle”. If I forget to say it, the patient will often say it for me. It doesn't really matter if the person is a Christian or not, they will say this. I'm not sure how much they think about what it means, as it is such a habit in the Haitian culture. But as Christians, this can actually have significant meaning for our lives. Such a simple phrase... if God wills. Yet, this is so much the reality, especially in Haiti. We make plans for our lives, but hold them loosely, knowing that ultimately it is God…

The Love of Jesus

The love of Jesus to me is greater then anything else I've ever known.  These words to this very familiar song rang in my mind this week as we worked with people and tried  to show them the love of Jesus that is so great! In Haiti especially, there is a great recognition of God, and God most definitely exists to these people and they all might "believe" in him. But there's such a great lack of love for him. Just like anywhere. Oh God help us to show them your love so that they can learn to love you how your people are meant to love you.  

So yet another week has past by and clinic has began to pick up and become busier And busier. This time of year seems to always be a bit more busy because the Haitians gardens are either harvested,or are nearly harvested so therefore  they have more time and money on their hands to come to clinic. Thank the Lord for cayenne pepper! It's become quite the famous answer to making a child sneeze after they've put a been or corn ke…

Ordinary Days and Emergency Runs

Hello again from Haiti! It seems like the past month flew by like a flash, and here it is my turn to blog again. Wait... I guess I was super late last time, so it hasn't quite been a month. And this time I am determined to not be QUITE so late. So here goes.... =)
Sometimes life at clinic just turns into a big blur as the days fly by, and I can sit here wondering what I should ever say that could possibly be interesting to you all. But I will attempt to remember some of our recent activities.
One case we had recently jogs my memory in particular. There is a young man named Anglade who lives right here in our neighborhood in Aleg. He is in his mid/upper teens I believe, and well known to the community as a somewhat bad, or just pretty ungodly, young man. He has done things publicly that are just cruel, for no reason... and it is known he is not a Christian in any way. He showed up at clinic one evening around 9pm, with moderate to severe abdominal pain, and no other clear symptoms…