GTH Clinic Personnel

Emma Hostetler ~ Milk and Malnutrition Program
Richland Center, Wisconsin

Brendan Horner ~ EMT
Rural Retreat, Virginia

MJ Shirk ~ Pharmacist
Liberty, Kentucky

Autumn Stauffer ~ Prenatal Program
Shippensburg, Pennsylvania 

 Kara Wadel ~ Blood pressure program
Orrstown, Pennsylvania 

 Mis Simose ~ Nurse

(Picture coming)

 Mis Leda ~ Nurse

 Mis Jocelaine ~ Nurse

Fre Direk

He signs the people in, collects the money and
fills out people's dossiers.

Fre Reynald ~ Fre Direk's Assistant

Fre Adolf
 He weighs the patients as they come in and keeps up the dossier filing system

Mis Zitha ~ Pharmacist

Madam Leger ~ Pharmacist

Fre Nores
 He leads everyone in devotions
 each morning and also helps direct people to the right place

Fre Daniel ~ Gate Guard

Fre Kadet ~ Gate Guard

Fre Patrick
A young man confined to a wheelchair who cuts and folds 
gauze about 3 days a week.

Lastly our 2 dear cleaning ladies😊 You might think they have a less important job,
 but without their hard work the clinic would be a
 dirty mess and there would be no clean sheets for our patients to lie on.

 Se Bridget 
 A dear older lady from church

 Madam Daniel 
  She washes most of the laundry.

(Picture coming soon...)


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