GTH Clinic Personnel

Current American Staff

Kayla Kauffman ~ Head Nurse and Malnutrition Program
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Ben Lapp ~ EMT
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Autumn Stauffer ~ Prenatal Program
Shippensburg, Pennsylvania 

 Kara Wadel ~ Pharmacist
Orrstown, Pennsylvania 

 Emma Hostetler ~ Blood Pressure Program 
Richland Center, Wisconsin

Current Haitian Staff

 Mis Leda ~ Nurse

 Mis Jocelaine ~ Nurse

Fre Direk
  He signs the people in, collects the money and
fills out people's dossiers.

Fre Reynald ~ Fre Direk's Assistant

Fre Aldof
 He weighs the patients as they come in and keeps up the dossier filing system

Mis Zitha ~ Pharmacist

Madam Leger ~ Pharmacist

Fre Nores
 A brother from church that leads everyone in devotions
 each morning and also helps direct people to the right place

Fre Daniel
 Another church brother and one of our gate guards at the clinic.

Fre Kadet
  Our second gate guard
Another brother in church.

Fre Patrick
A young man confined to a wheelchair who cuts and folds 
gauze about 3 days a week.

Lastly our 2 dear cleaning ladies😊 You might think they have a less important job,
 but without their hard work the clinic would be a
 dirty mess and there would be no clean sheets for our patients to lie on.

 Se Bridget 
 A dear older lady from church

 Madam Daniel 
  She washes most of the laundry.

(Picture coming soon...)

Emergency runs.

  In comes another pregnant lady with complications, head injurys or some for sickness we can't treat and needs to be sent off to town, ...