Sunday, January 15, 2017

Clinic Cleaning

Greetings from the mountains of Haiti!! 

Many of you may wonder if we still exist. We do even though we have been very quiet. 

A little update on the past few weeks. We closed clinic December 20 and reopened January 9. It was wonderful to have a break from the daily clinic life and tackle some other much needed projects. 

The first project was the clinic. We scrubbed it from top to bottom chasing all those unwanted dust bunnies away. It was rewarding to see the floor change colour before our eyes as we scrubbed and scrubbed.


The outside was more inviting after a few rakes and shovels went through. We had fun pulling weeds, stacking wood, and pressure washing the court yard. As a team it was rewarding to tackle some of the corners that had been neglected since Matthew had passed through. 


Thanks for all your support! 
                 ~ Alyssa 

P.S sorry this was not posted earlier due to Internet issues. 

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