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Little Shots

...that we've seen recently...
You wouldn't recognize this bright-eyed little face from a couple weeks ago!  She's the one whose distraught mother rushed into the clinic with her cause she was in respiratory distress from a very plugged nose that Mali unplugged. :)  If you remember, she also had a strange mouth condition that has totally cleared up! 
I was quite pleased to see how well this set of twins was doing after their mother had been giving me the report that, "they are just too small and really need formula."   I finally convinced her to bring them and show me, after which I assured her she's doing a super job and that they're growing very well! :) 

This little boy is a heart wrenching sight.  He's the one I'd mentioned that literally seems to be starving to death.  The case is very unclear, but we suspect that he may have a perforated bowel, which could've come as a complication of possibly having typhoid.  
When he came in a few weeks ag…