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Shopping Trip

I'm getting ready to fall asleep to the sound of whirring fans attempting to curb the heat of another sultry tropical night in the coastal town of Petit GoĆ¢ve. Donavan and I are planning on heading to Port au Prince early in the morning to spend an exhausting day buying the monthly medicines and supplies for clinic and I'm already missing our mission and the cool, fresh air of the mountains. I'll explain a few things about the process of meds shopping so you can better understand why I chose to use the word "exhausting".
First of all, driving anywhere in the bustling city of Port au Prince is a combination of honking horns, billowing clouds of putrid exhaust, hair raising close shaves with fellow motorists on the pot hole ridden streets and traffic sitting bumper to bumper for hours at a time waiting on random busses and trucks to turn around or enter from a side street ahead. We have several wholesale pharmaceutical distributors that we order from each month and…