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Yesterday's Blag

*Oops!  I checked the calendar as I got ready this morning to confirm that it was indeed me on call after clinic today, but I didn't notice until just tonight that my name was also on for blogging!
You know the word blog (spelled blag) in Creole, means joke?.  So when I say I'm going to do a blog, I always think of making a joke. :). But sometimes trying to blog on time IS a joke!  I don't think I would have had time today even if I had known earlier that I was s'posed to!
But now here I am, tucked comfortably in bed, soaking up the peaceful sound of a silent night... That is, silent except for the combined musical chants of innumerable  slimy green frogs, even more nocturnal crickets, and an occasional bark from a neighbor's dog or a small distant rock slide on a nearby mountainside...*
...and then I fell asleep on the job.  That's as far as my inspiration took me last night before those soothing night sounds lulled me right to sleep!
So back to yesterday.  
We arr…