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A Day Through My Eyes

...which were not able to focus very well this morning.  Mali's grandmother had made a generous donation of a bunch of reading glasses when she went home, and Mali and I decided to each wear a pair on the way to work.  The pair I had was so strong that I had trouble focusing on anything, hence my route became slightly curvier than usual, as I tripped my way to clinic in Mali's footsteps. Upon entering the gate at clinic and after removing my eye aides so that I could actually see again, I took in the sight of a rather-small-for-a-Friday crowd. Standing to one side was a young gentleman named Reginald that I know from the school here.  He had come to ask for a bandage for his knee that was sore from their football match the day before.  Ayl├ęg's school played one of the neighboring schools in a game that ended with one team having scored one point, and the other none.....We lost, and no, I don't really want to talk about it.Anyway, after greeting another young player who…