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Long Days, Little Nights

Sometimes it's not the roses you need to stop and smell, but the stories you need to stop and tell.  I'm just not sure where to start and where to stop, cause it seems like so far everything that started happening a few weeks ago hasn't really stopped in between one thing and the next. :)
I don't think I can adequately condense three intense weeks into one bounded blog post.  There's simply an overwhelming quantum of details surrounding every aspect of every experience to be able to thoroughly explain why we've all been such negligent bloggers lately! :)
I'm remembering Tonton, a young man who came in with severe malaria a few weeks ago who died in our hands, just seconds after Hans had gotten an IV started in him.   I think what made me cry the most was how his family was so accepting, telling us it wasn't our fault, and thanking us profusely for all we did, leaving us with a gift of bananas.
And then the very traumatic delivery we had the next day of a 1…