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Enter German dentist...Exit rotten teeth....

"Mis Mali....My head hurts, I can hardly sleep at night because my teeth hurt so bad." an old lady tells me as she stuffs more cotton balls into her ears. "Show me mami,"I smile at her as she opens her mouth as wide as possible and quickly reaches in with her not-so-clean- fingers to point out to me the one that hurts. All I can see a row of black stumps. I sigh..."If only I was a dentist "but I am not. So I grab my pen and quickly jot down and anti-inflammatory drug and tell her that I'm sorry but that's as much as I can do.
 This story is repeated many times over in a week. Some have large rotting abscesses, some can hardly chew their food, some have stumps that are ready to fall out.
  Rho had a patient that desperately needed a good dentist. Whitney has a pregnant lady that has a tooth abscess, Kindra has an old grandpa that has so many rotten teeth that we wonder how he can even chew anything. There has got to be someone who would help us ou…